Saturday, January 13, 2018

GCP90X - Homer Cache I

TeamTrouble's Social Munzee

Quick accidental PNG!! TFTC!!


Sorry, no picture!
BUT, it was also a Munzee! Another fun find-and-log game!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

GCE408 - SR2 Prime

Had a great time at our first Cub-O! This is our first GC in a couple of years. It is nice to grab a Webling oldie! TFTC!

T - Nothing

L - WG$ from NY & a Team Trouble coin


Thursday, April 23, 2015

GCVDWY - Fly It Port A TB Hotel

SandFest couldn't come fast enough!!! We dropped 3 of our own bugs and picked up The Piglet TB! Thank you soooo much for this TB hotel in one of our favorite places in the world!!

T - Piglet TB
L - MINI Takes the State of Texas TB, Dad WantsOne Too TB, I May Get Lost But I Never Get Stuck TB


Friday, February 27, 2015

GC5HD2T - A Premium TB Hotel

Grabbed this one after we were done sledding!! Yay for snow!

T - Hawaii-Bound Ducky TB (TBZ567)
L - The Traveling Letterbox TB (TB6P187)


TB6P187 - The Traveling Letterbox Moleskine ***OURS***

TB6P187 - The Traveling Letterbox Moleskine - DETAILS

Set Free in A Premium TB Hotel (GC5HD2T)

Current GOAL

This travel bug wants to visit letterboxes and hybrids! Logging into regular geocaches & TB hotels is a-ok, but I really like letterboxes!
Letterboxers, please stamp with your personal stamps too! If you don't have a letterbox stamp, thats also ok! Draw a thumbprint picture!!!

When the TB starts to get full, please send me back to Bedford, Texas! My owner will retreive me ASAP!
A small, unlined green moleskine book. No tag, just a TB sticker on the cover.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TB70NTE - Emma, the rescue heeler ***OURS***


oh hello! I'm Emma! You must have met Team-Trouble on the Trail!

Our sweet Emma was adopted from Heeler Houla House Rescue (H3R) DFW in January. She is a active heeler that wants to go everywhere with us! So if you see her on the trail with Bat(man) the Hogdog from the Swamp, be sure to log us both!!

I should have bought a Log Your Dog tag, but this Cachekin tag was super cute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GC5D32D - Gotta Cache 'Em All #4 ***HIDDEN BY US***

The 3rd in my Gotta Cache 'Em All series. This is a letterbox, so bring your stamp!
This is also a Pokemon card trading cache! Swap cards with other players!

NOT ACCESSIBLE FROM 183/Airport Frwy. Park on Circle Ln.
Small, blue locking container with a logbook & pencil. Initial swag includes a couple small pokemon.

Since this is Letterbox, be sure to stamp the logbook.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TB628BV - Dad wants one, too! ***OURS***

TB628BV - Dad wants one, too! DETAILS

Just like Mom's MINI Takes the State of Texas and the Pichu's I May Get Lost, But I Never Get Stuck.... Dad want's one too! 
GOAL: Travel around the state of Texas like the others in our small series.
Please take and upload photos!!
Red Ford F-350 die cast truck
(Dad's truck is a blue F-250, but this was the closest we could find.)

GC5CMEJ - Gotta Cache 'Em All #1 ***HIDDEN BY US***

Wait just a minute... Yes, I posted these out of order!

Quick park, walk & grab. Be sure to park on Rankin Dr. There isn't any safe parking access from Pipeline Rd, no matter what Google says.
This is also a Pokemon card trading stop! Please trade some Pokemon cards with us!

This Letterbox is also logable on LBNA, AtlasQuest & OpenCaching.

I grew up in this neighborhood and in this park. When we were kids, we called it Rankin Park, but the real name is Brookhollow Park. Lame. hehehe The park itself used to be across the bridge on the other side of the creek, which we also played in.

Cache is an ammocan, ready for your larger swag. Since this is Letterbox, be sure to stamp the logbook.
Please recamo it and hide it well.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

TB6CVH9 - I May Get Lost, But I Never Get Stuck ***OURS***


A very similar mission to our other TB, MINI Takes The State of Texas.

I want to Jeep across Texas! From north to south, east to west, mountains to beach, desert to lake, I want to see the beauty that we call home!